One diagram is worth 1000 words

Diagrams as code help you write better code!

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The ability to create meaningful diagrams is the pinnacle of communication skills as an engineer. Forget your boring presentations or lengthy documentation. One diagram is worth 1000 words. Take the time to create representations of what needs to be done in your projects: infrastructure diagrams, UML diagrams, mindmap, and others. On top of that, do it as code; We are in the era of everything as code, after all! 😇

Without a surprise, there are some delightful tools out there to create diagrams as code. …


Building a home for your app — revisited in Go

Gopher (Golang) at a beach house with a umbrella and raincoat
Gopher (Golang) at a beach house with a umbrella and raincoat
Photo by Olia Nayda on Unsplash, Gopher by Egon Elbre.

This tutorial is about implementing an App Home in Golang with the slack-go library and Slack’s Socket Mode. This guide was inspired by an article from Slack’s documentation.

An App Home is that space that appears under the App section in the conversation list with your app’s name. It is a fully customizable space to provide documentation and interaction with your app.

I recently started working on a SlackBot project of my own using Golang. As any good coder would, I went on a quest for a library that would simplify my day and let me take advantage of what other community members have come up with to solve similar problems.

I came across the well-maintained slack-go library; I started coding my bot using the provided example. Everything worked fine; The code is producing the expected result. It is time to make another coffee and implements a few extra features.

Back at my desk, plunging myself bask into my code, something strikes…

Golang SlackBot Tutorial

New ways to do it with Golang 1.16 new package “embed”

Microsoft Oss Conference/database
Microsoft Oss Conference/database


Golang 1.16 new embed package helps you manage static assets, embedding them in the application binary and making them easy to use. Any files from a package or package subdirectory can be embedded and retrieved as a variable of type string or bytes[].

You can also retrieve your embedded files with a variable of type FS and, you can even define which file needs to be embedded in your application using a glob pathname.

Official Documentation

Use case: Using embed in a SlackBot

Given how easy it is to create and edit your messages using Block-kit Builder, I believe that the most convenient method to…

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