I embraced the DevOps culture by contributing to the digital transformation of a leading financial in Canada.

One diagram is worth 1000 words

Diagrams as code help you write better code!

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The ability to create meaningful diagrams is the pinnacle of communication skills as an engineer. Forget your boring presentations or lengthy documentation. One diagram is worth 1000 words. Take the time to create representations of what needs to be done in your projects: infrastructure diagrams, UML diagrams, mindmap, and others…

DevOps and Lean Thinking

Discover SMART Maturity Assessment Inspired by Lean Manufacturing

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The SMART Maturity Assessment Method is my first success in repurposing a Lean Manufacturing methodology to the Software industry. This method is very versatile and applies every time you need to evaluate the maturity of your company during a transformation initiative. …

DevOps and Lean Thinking

Discover the 5S Approach Inspired by Lean Manufacturing

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A large part of the DevOps methodology and philosophy builds upon Lean manufacturing. The main goal of DevOps is to eliminate waste in a project, and the most significant source of waste used to be the separation between the development team and Operation teams. …

What if you could only write the doc and use a single line of code to create your CLI?

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When writing a command-line interface (CLI), you can save a lot of time and effort by using one of the dedicated libraries to parse arguments. Parsing all the arguments, writing the help message, and keeping the documentation in sync can be pretty time-consuming. What if you could only write the…

Spicing up retrospectives with entertaining activities leads to better results.

Although there is much retrospectives material on the web, I failed to find a walkthrough that offers a unified themed. In my opinion, retrospectives should lead people to think outside of the box, consider the situation differently. The quick listing of problems and frustrations only scratches the surface. The mind…


Empower your users with easy shortcuts

Miniature Space Rocket and Gopher (Golang) with a jet-pack
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Slash Commands are the messages you type in the conversation box, starting with "/". They let you easily extend the capabilities of Slack and are pretty simple to implement. I see them as ways to interact with your ecosystem by writing from your Slack Channels, and then your Slack application…

Alexandre Couëdelo

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